Injection Training in Oklahoma City, OK

Injection Training in Oklahoma City, OK

Injection training is a specialized service designed for healthcare providers looking to enhance their skills in administering aesthetic treatments. Our program covers a comprehensive range of topics, from beginner level to advanced techniques, on the use of Sculptra, dermal fillers, and neurotoxins. This includes both on-label and off-label applications. Each training session is meticulously structured to include a didactic portion, an in-depth anatomy review, and cannula training, and it offers the opportunity for hands-on injections. Participants can choose between half-day sessions, which last for 4 hours, and full-day sessions, which extend for 8 hours. Additionally, we provide both private and group training options, accommodating 2-6 providers, to ensure a learning environment that suits every professional’s needs. We also offer a week-long shadowing program for those looking to dive deeper into aesthetic injection techniques.

To further refine your skills and gain confidence in delivering aesthetic treatments, consider booking a training session with us at the Aesthetic Center of Excellence in Oklahoma City, OK. Our tailored programs are designed to meet your learning objectives, whether you are just starting out or are an experienced provider seeking to expand your expertise. Schedule your appointment today and take a significant step toward enhancing your practice.



We offer training programs ranging from beginner to advanced levels, catering to a wide spectrum of learning needs in the aesthetic treatment field.

Yes, our training sessions cover detailed information and hands-on practice with both dermal fillers and neurotoxins, including on and off-label uses.

Absolutely, we include a thorough anatomy review as part of our training to ensure a deep understanding of the treatment areas.

Cannula training involves learning the techniques for using a cannula, a thin tube used to administer injections, which can offer benefits such as reduced bruising and discomfort.

We offer half-day sessions lasting 4 hours and full-day sessions lasting 8 hours. There is also an option for a week-long shadowing experience.

Yes, in addition to private training, we offer group training sessions for 2-6 providers, allowing for a collaborative learning environment.


Half Day Preceptorship

$14/unit (12-20 units)

Half Day

Full Day Preceptorship

$14/unit (12-20 units)

Full Day


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