Sciton Advanced Laser Trainings in Oklahoma City, OK

Sciton Advanced Laser Trainings in Oklahoma City, OK

Sciton Advanced Laser Trainings offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance the proficiency of medical and aesthetic professionals in the use of Sciton laser devices. As an approved Sciton partner and distinguished training entity, our program is tailored to meet the specific needs of your practice, ensuring you maximize the return on your investment in Sciton technology. Our training modules are customizable, encompassing a variety of laser modalities and treatment protocols. Each training session is preceded by a 30-minute planning meeting to identify your practice’s unique requirements, ensuring that our sessions are as relevant and impactful as possible. Additionally, participants will receive written reference materials to aid in the retention of new knowledge and skills, complemented by two post-training follow-ups to address any questions or challenges that may arise.

To further your team’s expertise in laser treatments and elevate the level of care provided to your patients, consider booking a Sciton Advanced Laser Training session with us. By leveraging Sciton Success Builder Points, your practice can access this high-quality training without direct financial expenditure. Our sessions are specifically designed for medical and aesthetics practices, focusing on proven treatment protocols and advanced laser techniques. If your practice aims to refine its laser treatment capabilities and achieve superior patient outcomes, we invite you to book a training session with the Aesthetic Center of Excellence in Oklahoma City, OK. Take the next step in advancing your practice’s offerings and ensuring your team’s success with our specialized laser training.

Benefits of Sciton Advanced Laser Trainings


Half Day Preceptorship

$14/unit (12-20 units)

4.5 Hr

Full Day Preceptorship

$14/unit (12-20 units)

7.5 Hr


Sciton Advanced Laser Training is a professional development program for medical and aesthetic practices, focusing on the effective use of Sciton laser technologies.

Medical and aesthetic professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in laser treatments can benefit from this training.

The training includes:

  • A 30-minute planning session.
  • Customizable modules on various laser modalities.
  • Written materials.
  • Two follow-up sessions for comprehensive learning.

Sciton lasers are versatile and can be used for a range of treatments, including skin rejuvenation, scar reduction, and more.

Results from the training, in terms of enhanced skills and knowledge, can be immediate, with ongoing benefits realized through practice and follow-up support.

The duration of results varies based on the treatment type and individual patient factors, but many treatments offer long-lasting improvements.


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